The Cousar Crowe Sky Sweeper is an under barrel, smart RPG surface-to-air guided missile system which when attached to the Cousar Crowe Rifle turns the rifle into a MANPAD (man-portable air defense systems).


Trivia Edit

  • According to the official site, the device is a 15kg, 25mm caliber missile launcher that fires anti-air rounds at escape velocity, and is able to engage targets on Earth from the Moon. However, in the actual movie, it appears to be closer to an under barrel 40mm grenade launcher. Only Carlyle's droids ever carry the launcher, suggesting that it may well add a good deal of weight to the rifle it is mounted on. The design seems to be based on the Metal Storm 3GL as it's able to fire rounds one after the other from the same barrel without a magazine feed system.


  • In Elysium, John Carlyle's security droids carry Sky Sweeper grenade launchers mounted on their Crowe assault rifles.
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