Elysium is a large, luxurious space station above the Earth that was designed by one of its citizens, John Carlyle, the CEO of Armadyne, one of the biggest companies on the planet.

Elysian citizens live in comfort and regularly use Med-Bays to keep them free of injury and disease, such as cancer. Additionally, the Med-Bays reduce, if not completely, eliminate aging, granting Elysian citizens eternal life.

Several people on Earth have attempted to make their way to Elysium to make use of these Med-Bays, but Elysium's defence systems stop them from accessing the space station. However, even if the citizens of Earth make it, they cannot access the Med-Bays as a special barcode imprinted on the wrist, only for Elysian citizens, is required.



  • Elysium has been around for over a century in the film.
  • It appears Elysium's design is borrowed from the Stanford Torus design, proposed by NASA in the 1970s.
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