M. Kruger — or Agent 32 Alpha 21b, as he's designated by the Civil Cooperation Bureau — was a crucial weapon in Secretary Delacourt's arsenal to keep Elysium free of illegals. Countless human rights violations to his name, he is one of the CCB's most capable, Earth-based sleeper agents. Kruger's knack for killing is all Delacourt considers when it comes to protecting Elysium from the illegals.[1]




  • Kruger is the only known person to have a Med-Bay repair his head/face.
  • He once lost his head in India but managed to reacquire his limbs by Med-Bay.
  • Kruger appears to have an extensive, criminal record for murder and rape.
  • Kruger has been shown to speak occasionally in the Afrikaans language, meaning he is from South Africa.