Mark N. Tompkins (born January 16, 1975) is a Canadian film painter, theater set designer and actor.

History Edit

Tompkins was born in Vancouver, Canada, where he spent most of his childhood. Having developed passion for art since a small boy, all he wanted to do his entire life was either painting and acting. This love guided him thru his educational career, and after becoming an Alumni at the Capilano University in Vancouver, he started his own path in the art world.[1]

Career Edit

Tompkins is a master animator by education, having a major in Animation program, but his whole career has been focused on set designs in theaters and matte painting in TV shows and movies. In fact, it was his professional career what drove him to the United States and what made him move to Staten Island, New York. He is often credited as a Lead Painter, Scenic Artist, Other (Art Department) or Standby Painter in many Hollywood projects like Fifty Shades of Grey, Godzilla, Hot Tub Time Machine and 2012.[2]

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