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TST Chemrail




Dual Stage Linear Motor Rifle



  • 11.4" x 40.2" x 2.8" (H x W x D)
  • 29 cm x 102 cm x 7 cm[1]

Feed System

  • Detachable box magazine

Fire Mode(s)

  • Fully-automatic


  • 8.75x52mm FSDRAS (Fin Stabilized, Discarding Rail Accelerator Sabot)


First Stage

  • Chemical propellant

Second Stage

  • Electro Magnetic Rail


  • Thermaflush liquid helium[1]

Rate of Fire

Extremely high


22nd century


Elysium security forces

The TST Chemrail, also known simply as the ChemRail, is a Dual Stage Linear Motor Rifle manufactured by TST and used by security forces on Elysium.


The ChemRail has a high rate of fire, and its high-velocity rounds rip right through walls and shred enemies. The rifle fires 8.75x52mm FSDRAS (Fin Stabilized, Discarding Rail Accelerator Sabot) rounds with a muzzle energy of 18 kilo joules. It is a dual-stage weapon, use chemical propellant first and then electromagnetic rails as the second stage.

The Chemrail is available in a standard black and green.


  • In Elysium, Max De Costa grabs a Chemrail rifle during the fight in the Elysium armory. Instead of changing magazines, Max just grabs another Chemrail from the armory. Drake also uses a unique green Chemrail with a silver accessory magazine, camouflage tape around the front handle, trigger handle, barrel, and shoulder rest and a black pad across the top near the back end of the gun.

Behind the Scenes[]

The green Cheamrail prop used by Drake in the film.

Drake's Chemrail[]

This prop item is composed of a polyester resin material. It is approximately 39 inches long and 10 inches tall. It is green in color, with a silver accessory magazine. There is a large Chemrail logo across the barrel of this item. There is also camouflage tape around the front handle, trigger handle, barrel, and shoulder rest and a black pad across the top near the back end of the gun.

The scope on the prop houses the battery for this item and can be connected to the gun through it's wiring (see photo below). There is a switch on the bottom of the magazine that turns the gun on. There is also a small button on the bottom of the gun (right in front of the front handle). Pressing this button activates a flashing white light. When turned on the trigger can be pulled and the black barrel at the end of the gun will pulse back and forth. One the front of this item there is a black wire that is currently unattached to the gun. The purpose of this wire is unknown.

The battery specifications are as follows: Battery Type: LiFe, Battery Volts: 9.9 V (3s), Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh, Charge Current: 12 A, Temperature Cut-Off: 50 degrees Celsius, Safety Timer: 60 min, Discharge Amps: 3.0 A, Discharge Volts: 3.0 V / cell. There is a charging set included, which consists of two different units: a charging power supply and a charging control unit. The battery plugs in and it appears possible to charge it using this setup. The plug on the end of the power supply unit has both AC and DC capabilities.

The prop shows signs of use from production, including intentional wear and dirt stains.[2]


  • Weta Workshop (who made most of the weapons in Elysium) is offering an exact replica of the Chemrail used by Max in the film, created from molds of the original prop. The gun is made from fiberglass, which gives it great heft, with some minor details made from other materials. The gun has no moveable parts and it comes with a wall mounting bracket for display.[1]
  • Because the Chamrail's every 8.75x52mm FSDRAS round has a muzzle energy of 18 kilojoules, which means each round has the same or much more power than each 50 BMG round [Each 50 cal produces between 10,000 foot pounds (14 kilojoules) to 15,000 foot pounds (18 kilojoules) of energy, depending on its powder and bullet type, as well as the rifle and/or machine gun it was fired from].